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Your cat and the game

Definitely, the game is one of the favorite occupations of our feline friends! Whether they are playing alone or interacting with you, both young and older cats are stimulated by this activity.

Why is gambling important?

The game is especially fundamental for the kitten. You continue what her mother started by teaching her to hunt. If your cat is older, it can help keep it active and maintain its mobility. The game is also an opportunity to connect with your companion.

Which games to choose?

However, no need to spend fortunes in games specifically developed for cats. In general, a shoelace, a rubber band, a paper plane or a cardboard dumpling do the job very well. It is up to you to find the type of toys that will please him the most. Cat trees are often appreciated because they combine games, hiding places and scratchers.

What to do in case of bites and scratches?

Playing with your cat requires some skills on your part. In fact, it can sometimes turn to vinegar and turn into bites and aggressions.

Here are some tips to avoid these problems:

  • Limit play time with all objects that lead to too much excitement.
  • When your cat bites or scratches you, immediately stop playing and ignore your cat. Even leave the room if you have the opportunity. Resume the game only a few minutes later.
  • It is useless to shout or worse, to type your cat! This only leads to degrade your relationship. If you’re itchy, a firm “no” is more than enough.
  • Do not allow your cat to play with your fingers or toes, it can hurt a lot!

What if my cat stops playing?

A few weeks, a few days sometimes, and the toy is left out. It no longer seems to be of interest. Your cat is bored, he needs novelties! Nothing like a bag full of toys, to take out one or two different ones every week and make bearings. This avoids weariness!


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