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Willie Nelson Rescued 70 Horses From Slaughterhouse To Roam Free On His Ranch In Texas

Willie Nelson, the 85-year-old legendary country music artist from Abbott, Texas, has a heart of gold. According to an interview with KAST 12 News, Willie apparently rescued 70 horses to the slaughterhouse.

Thirty miles outside of Austin, Texas, you will find Luck Ranch with some very lucky horses.

Several of the 70 horses called Ranch were driven to the slaughterhouse, but their fate changed because of Willie Nelson.

With nowhere to go, these horses are destined to unfortunately come to an end. Fortunately, they attracted the attention of the rural superstar, who stepped up efforts to save lives.

Thanks to Wilson, the horses now live a happy life on his 700-acre ranch.

Although Wilson is known for his incredible music career, he has long been a champion of the need for horses. He is committed to providing a safe and happy home for horses in need.

The name of Nelson Ranch is no coincidence. Since most of the horses in the ranch came from rescue situations, luck was good.

Nelson believes that they are the luckiest horses in the world because they are immune to slaughter and abuse.

“When you are here, you are in luck. And, when you are not, you will be very unlucky.” Nelson said.

All horses in Luck Ranch are fed twice a day and have enough space to roam. They can now have an eternal home, so they can relax and run as they wish.

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