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Unbelievable Horses With Unique And Beautiful Coats

3- A Red Roan Isn’t Really Red

This beauty is a red roan quarter horse. You can tell it’s a quarter horse because of its well developed muscular hind end (AKA butt). A roan is a solid colored horse that has some white fur intermingled with its base coat.

YouTube/Top Animals TV

Red roans have a chestnut base coat, but all those little white fur can make them look almost pinkish. They still have solid brown manes and tails, though.

4- Dapple Grey Coats Change With Age

This is a dapple grey Arab or Arabian horse. When a horse’s coat is referred to as “grey,” it actually means that the horse is grey or white. White horses are also called “greys.” Most grey horses are born dark or even black, and then they turn white as they get older.

DeAgostini/Getty Images

As they turn white, dapple “blooms” appear on their coat. The horse in this photo is probably younger in age because he still has his dapples.

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