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Unbelievable Horses With Unique And Beautiful Coats

Horses come in a huge variety of colors. The most common horse coat colors are chestnut, which is an all-brown horse, bay, which is a brown horse with a black mane and tail, and grey, which is a white or grey horse. Paints, buckskins, and palominos are less common, but you still see them every now and again.

Some of the horses on this list have coats that are totally unique. Keep reading to see a horse of a different color— and one horse that has an identifying mark that literally spells things out for you.

1- Does This Pinto Horse Remind You Of Another Animal?

We’re going to start with a basic horse coat color. This is a pinto. A pinto horse has a coat that’s partly white and partly another darker color. They almost resemble cows when they’re black and white or brown and white.

DeAgostini/Getty Images

Sometimes these horses are called “paints,” but, fun fact, not all paints are pintos. Some are mixed breeds with pinto coloring. Most paints are actually part quarter horse or part thoroughbred.

2- The Sabino Gene Is Quite Unique

“Sabino” refers to a specific spotting pattern that appears on horses’ coats. The spotting is always white and it’s produced by a specific gene known as the Sabino 1 gene. There is actually a DNA test to find out if a horse is truly a sabino, or if it’s just a roan. We’ll see roan horses later on in this article.

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Sabino horses only roan in certain areas of their skin— usually around the face and belly. Roan horses have white fur all throughout their coats.

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