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The top 10 biggest horses in the world

Number 7 : Remington

Remington was born in Texas United States and comes from the Clydesdale breed it measures 80 inches in height and earned the title of the tallest horse alive in 2008 by the Guinness world record a funny and intimidating story about this giant horse is that after he stepped on the foot of his owner he had to use an orthopedic boots the fat must have hurt.

The top 10 biggest horses in the world – Remington

Number 6 : Tina

Tina’s owners were the couple Jim and Marge Williams who owned a hotel called spring Brook in which also had a riding school that’s why when they decided to integrate a new member into their family, they chose to adopt a shire calling it diplomat Tina better known simply as Tina, who was at that time only four months old with time the Williams realized that Tina had great size and didn’t stop growing so they decided to call Guinness World Records after making the official measurements and confirming that she was 80 inches tall Tina was named the highest horse in the world in 2007.

The top 10 biggest horses in the world – Tina
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