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The top 10 biggest horses in the world

Horses are animals known for their elegance an amazing way of walking however, there’s some remarkable ones that have an incredible size being a whole challenge for a jockey would you like to ride one of these:

Number 10 : Goliath

Goliath this Shire horse has the name of a biblical giant and was born in 1992 in Canada at the beginning, its life wasn’t easy because of its big size since it was a foal because so it was confused for an adult horse and started working at the young age of two years Goliath’s luck changed when he was four years old and was adopted by Harry Ransom, who found him in a bad state but decided to get him into the group of horses that worked in the youngin COEs Bricker ii spectacle at that time. it was discovered that this horse was bigger than the average ones measuring 76 inches in height he made it into the Guinness World Records as the tallest horse in the world at that moment sadly he died on July 20th 2001 from natural causes.

The top 10 biggest horses in the world – Goliath

Number 9 : Cracker

Cracker this Shire horse named cracker was born in 1989 in Somerset England a few years later in 1992 he traveled to Lincolnshire for the first time and became well known there with his 76.2 inches in height. this giant was an instant success causing hundreds of people to go to Lincolnshire just to see, it he was considered the highest horse in Britain and was even invited to the burgh Railway Museum for an event in which and impressed visitors with its elegance and obedience.

The top 10 biggest horses in the world – Cracker

Number 8 : Radar

Radar is a Belgian draft horse that was born in 1998 in Iowa United States, this horse stole the attention of everyone who saw it it was impossible to go unnoticed with his 2,400 pounds and 79.5 inches in height radar was very loved by the preferred family his owners and lived with them until the day of his death on October 5th 2016.

The top 10 biggest horses in the world – Radar
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