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The education of your rabbit

There you go. You take that cute little bunny home. Here are some educational tips not to be overwhelmed by this adorable ball of hair!

Photo by Gavin Allanwood on Unsplash

The education of your rabbit

1- Sweetness

Some breeding rabbits or pet shops have not been used to being handled, this can be an important source of stress! Some rabbits flee or even emit shrieks. It is therefore necessary to be careful, not to force it and to come into contact delicately: some gentle caresses, reassuring words, food offered by hand… Let it come to you. Habituation will happen naturally and gradually.

2- Rewards

As in dogs, it is possible to reward behavior in rabbits, in order to encourage them to reproduce this action. For example, you can offer him a treat every time he spontaneously uses his litter box.

3- Firmness

The rabbit’s punishment is to be banished! Do not scold your rabbit, yell at him or hit him. The rabbit is very sensitive to stress. On the other hand, if your rabbit tries, for example, to gnaw at an object that is forbidden to him, say “no” firmly and immediately present him with an alternative: cardboard object, wicker basket…

4- And lots of games!

Your rabbit has great learning abilities and, like a child, he often prefers to learn while having fun! The game is an opportunity to make him think, analyze his environment (hiding treats for example), and make him spend. It also helps to strengthen your ties. The more positive you make daily contact with your rabbit, the happier you will make it. The welfare of your rabbit is in your hands!


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