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One horse is hurt and a driver was sent to the hospital after a horse trailer overturned in a traffic accident

In a traffic accident on Thursday afternoon, a trailer overturned, a horse was injured and the driver was taken to the hospital.

It happened on Route 14 at the intersection of Tiffany Boulevard in Nixa, around noon.

Police said a driver was travelling west on Highway 14 and then stopped at the intersection with Tiffany Blvd. The driver intends to turn south on Tiffany, but must first wait for eastbound traffic on Route 14 to pass the intersection.

While the driver was waiting for the turn, a semi-truck pulling the semi-trailer approached the first vehicle and had to slam at its resting place. The semi-driver turned to avoid a collision with the vehicle waiting to turn, but this caused the trailer to lift the knife and tip over.

Two horses escorted from the overturned trailer. The police said someone was injured but is expected to survive. Both horses were walking and were able to be taken away from the accident scene.

A man driving a semi-truck was taken to the hospital, but his injuries are believed to be not life-threatening. Another passenger on the semi-truck was able to leave the scene with a friend.

The police said that there is no evidence that the driver is intoxicated, but speed may be the cause of the accident.

Traffic on Highway 14 is temporarily blocked in both directions. Drivers are encouraged to use alternative routes whenever possible, as there may still be some traffic delays in the area.

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