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How dog care takes care of your dog

Dogs need care, attention, and commitment to maintaining it during their lives that may be as long as 10 to 15 years or more. The required determination includes not only regular feeding, care, and dog time, but also veterinary treatment if your dog is sick. Here are some things about dogs:

Brush dog teeth

Just how to brush dog teeth?

The first step is to choose the right pet toothbrush. Saving time by not buying children ’s toothbrushes is usually too difficult for dogs. The ideal dog toothbrush will have a longer handle and a slanted angle to better fit the mouth and extra soft hair. Another option is the toothbrush for your little finger.

The second step is to choose the right toothpaste. The best pet toothpaste contains nutrients that help control plaque. Try to avoid baking soda, detergent, or sodium that is sometimes contained in pastes to avoid toothpaste. Fluoride can be incorporated to help control bacteria. Rather than insert the paste with the cleaner, it is better to place it between the bristles.

The third step is to brush the mushy brush into the dog’s mouth and then brush off all the teeth. If you gently approach them, most puppies will accept brushing. It’s easy if you can start when you are young, but even older pets will encourage this process. Start slowly, you can use flannel or gauze to wipe your teeth, the same way you use a toothbrush before and after. Do this twice a day for about two weeks, and your dog should also be familiar with this method. After that, remove the pet toothbrush, immerse it in warm water, and start brushing several times a day. When your dog accepts this kind of brushing, please add pet toothpaste.

Dangerous Toys and games
Sticks and bones can crack and cause suffocation or vomiting, or can puncture the mouth, throat, or intestines. Hard bones will damage teeth. Instead, use hard, non-splashing chewing toys to play fetching or let your pet GNA.

Naughty pets may swallow bath towels, socks, underwear, and other similar clothing or materials, causing intestinal obstruction.

Some dogs like to chew or eat bad ideas! Swallowing rocks can cause tooth damage and severe blockage of the digestive tract.

Please note that if you raw cowhide to a furry friend, if you swallow them, it will cause intestinal obstruction, and some of them will be kept with curry, which is toxic to pets.

Be careful of sharp objects that can cut skin, feet, eyes, or ears.

Color and wood preservatives can also be toxic to your feather friends.

Exercise your pet

Whenever you are close to the road, or where a dog is likely to cause trouble when running freely, you should maintain his or her leading position. If you and your dog are well trained, these two dogs will be more comfortable. Remember, not everyone has liked dogs since you, so you must value their feelings. Keep the dog in order at any time. Part of the walk should allow your dog to cross a hard surface, as this will help keep his toes short.

If the pet is still growing, please do not make the mistake of over-exercise, because his bones are not strong enough to cope with the additional pressure on the pet. This is usually rarely done before your dog grows to full strength. Remember, the dog’s loaf is more mature than the smaller dog breed. Consult the breeder or veterinarian.

Regular and varied walks are not only important for keeping dogs healthy. They also provided him with opportunities to explore and experience new stimuli, including meeting other dogs. This will help him grow into a satisfied and well-adjusted dog and avoid problematic behavior. Make sure you supervise the dog’s movement. Don’t let him wander, and never put him outside to make a living for him after you leave.
Make your pet happy, healthy and balanced

Once you bring new pets home, you may want them to live long and happy together. Here are some ways to achieve this
Good eating habits and adequate exercise are equally important for dogs and cats. Unfortunately, pets often experience the same bad habits and health problems as people. Diabetes, coronary heart disease and obesity-related arthritis are diseases that can often be prevented by good and regular exercise.

High-quality pet food is an important core of a healthy diet. If your pet is active enough to burn calories, most cats and dogs will like processed foods. It can be mixed with dry food or sold separately as candy. Some people like to keep eating so that their domestic pets can eat when they are hungry, while others like to feed regularly. A possible way is to ensure that pets can always use clean drinking water.