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Enrich the environment of your rabbit

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

A rabbit spends much of its time in its cage. They can quickly become bored, feel isolated, cramped, and show signs of stress such as repetitive activities (OCD), excessive grooming or aggression. Enriching its environment is therefore essential to its well-being! Several studies have shown that enrichment of the living environment reduces the stress level of rabbits.

Enrich the environment of your rabbit

Of the space…

The cage must be as large as possible. The floor area and height must be sufficient. Your rabbit should be able to stand up on its rear legs without difficulty. The ideal is to offer it an indoor enclosure, including promontories and raised hiding places. Several outings a day, under supervision, will allow him to stretch his legs, to run and jump wherever he wants. However, make sure to secure the space, especially by protecting the electrical wires!

All you can eat!

Remember to provide your rabbit with a good quality hay at will and fresh greens such as lamb’s lettuce, arugula, parsley, fennel or endive. In addition to being necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive tract and the phenomenon of tooth wear, eating these foods occupies your rabbit. You can also hang them with clothespins on a thread or hide them under a cardboard box. This will stimulate the search behavior of your rabbit.

Of toys

Place balls, plastic suspensions, hiding places, a tunnel in the cage. So many small objects that will occupy him physically and mentally and promote his well-being. Remember to renew them regularly to avoid getting tired of them. Rabbits also like to gnaw. For this, untreated wooden objects or wicker baskets will suit very well.

You want another rabbit?

The rabbit is a social animal that appreciates, in general, the presence of a congener. Adopt, if possible, a couple of rabbits who will keep each other company. Choose preferably two rabbits of opposite sexes and think of having them sterilized. If you already own a rabbit and want to adopt a second one, it can be more delicate because the rabbit is an animal with a territorial tendency. Contact them gradually to avoid conflict.


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