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Sergeant Rlessless (Recklesss), America’s greatest warhorse, transported ammunition to the front and helped rescue many injured soldiers

The US Marines are taught to live with three core values: honor, courage, and dedication. During the Korean War, a beautifully decorated Sergeant Warmaru Staff exemplified all of this, and even more.

The chestnut mare is a Mongolian horse, born in 1948 and purchased by the US Marine Corps in 1952 for $250. A young Korean boy is selling mares at the Seoul Racecourse to buy an artificial leg for his sister. The mare weighs 14 pounds and weighs 900 pounds, but it will become the greatest war horse in the United States.

She was trained as a horse by volleyball sergeant Joseph Latham and delivered ammunition to the recoilless rifle platoon of the 5th Marines. The Marine Corps named it “Reckless” for the recoilless rifle she carried with ammunition.

Luless established an unbreakable connection with her troops. She often sleeps in marine tents and eats with them. The clever mare quickly learned the supply route during the many battles against the US and aided North Korea, and could enable the supply to proceed on its own without an operator.

Towards the end of the Korean War, at the Battle of Outpost Vegas, the fearless mare took ammunition to the front 51 times a day. After dropping the ammunition, she will take the injured soldier back to the camp. Even if she was injured twice, she never wavered her commitment or responsibilities, which earned her two Purple Heart Medals.

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  • Not to mention one onslaught where her troops were receiving an unbelievable 500 rounds of artillary & mortar fire PER SECOND !! The built a 6′ deep walk-in trench for her protection. The Ultimate “bombproof” horse ! You gotta read the book — you’ll Never doubt what a horse can give if there’s love & trust. Oh, and she ate whatever the G.I.’s fed her (w/o coming down with colic) since there wasn’t a ready supply of hay around !

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