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5 important tips for building a dog house

More than 50% of people allow their dogs to stay indoors and sleep on the sofa or the owner ’s bed. Anyone who wants to build a dog house for your beloved pet should follow some simple rules when considering which type of shelter to provide.

  1. You should start your dog house construction process by making the size of the house large enough to accommodate the potential adult size of your animals. People like to be 2 feet above us in an area to live without feeling claustrophobic. Your dog may also like to have so much space. The comfort zone for people and dogs is about 1/3 of the standing height. To figure out how much space your dog needs, take out the mp3 metric, and measure your dog. Measure the height of him standing upright, sitting on the hips, and most importantly, when the dog is in the most comfortable, relaxed and stretched position he can enter, calculate the full size of the dog. Your puppy should be able to see the front passage when standing and standing. Therefore, the dog does not have to significantly care for his front shoulder muscles or scrape his stomach to ensure that the entrance is high enough. Stay on the dog and measure the width of the widest point on the animal’s shoulder.
  2. Remember to lift the dog house a few inches off the ground to allow air and water to flow underneath. To prevent pests from invading the dog house and taking into account the health of the dog, please remember that ventilation is necessary. Place a few nickel-sized openings in the wall under the eaves. If it is cold or windy outdoors, install a windshield indoors so that the dog can use its heat to warm the area. Consider adding local walls, which will free your dog from bad weather. Your animal can choose to sleep only in the entrance room or enter the inner hall around the labyrinth wall of the inner arch. Your favorite family pet may like to sleep with pillows or some bedding.
  3. To prevent rainwater from entering the dog house, please tilt the floor slightly towards the door and tilt the roof slightly. Make sure the house is well insulated, but you should not paint inside the house.
  4. In the United States, most storms come from the south and west, so make sure the dog house is facing other directions. Most kennel plans recommend that the kennel door face east. In this way, cold air will not be able to pass through the inlet channel.
  5. It is recommended that you place the hinge on the roof of the dog house. This special situation makes it easier for you to clean the dog’s home. When bathing a dog, the dog house should be cleaned frequently.

If your dog lives outside, then he should have a comfortable place to sleep and enjoy the bad weather. With luck, these simple tips on building a dog house will help you get started.


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